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2020-02-29 12:21

Pete is a cofounding member of Paranormal Research Organization (PRO) with Loyd Auerbach, An investigator with the Office of Paranormal Investigations, American Ghost Society Representative for NW Texas, and owner of The Supernatural Radio Network( www. srnlive. com). Peter has over 25 years of field experience in the paranormal and is a founding member of LSSPI.Private investigation can be helpful if youre trying to get a court order but need evidence. Private investigators can also help find birth parents. Nationally, the average price range for private investigation is per hour. ghost investigators in texas

The Lubbock Ghost Investigation Society was formed in January 2008 by members with an active interest in ghosts, hauntings, and the paranormal. Since then, we have bonded into a close family and an efficient team. We are based out of Slaton, Texas.

Woodlands Paranormal explores the paranormal with special emphasis on topics of ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists and life after death. We serve Texas and surrounding states but have done investigations all over the country. Nightwalker Paranormal Investigations is an innovative twoperson paranormal investigation team that was founded in 2015 in Houston, Texas. We are not your average Ghost Hunters as we try to employ new technology and scientific reasoning during investigations, taking into account potential nonparanormal explanations for occurrences.ghost investigators in texas Yes, we were certain this was Mary's friendly ghost, who always politely (as a Texas cowboy should be) shows up in our EVP conversations, ghostly apparitions, and even while filming investigations. Once he showed up speaking on a video cam as he politely said Here Mary, have a seat.

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Texas Ghost Investigators was formed with the desire to document and gather definitive evidence of spirits, spectres and demons for the purposes of research. Our interests lie in finding proof that will be universaly accepted. ghost investigators in texas Paranormal Investigators of Texas is now Texas Paranormal Group. We apologize for the inconvenience, but hope you will all join us over there and help us strengthen again. We apologize for the inconvenience, but hope you will all join us over there and help us strengthen again. Paranormal Societies also serving this state: The following societies are not located in Texas, but have indicated that they are willing to travel in order to serve the residents of this state: Houston paranormal Investigations and ghost hunting. Houston's premiere paranormal research organization. Houston paranormal investigators. Houston ghost hunters. Welcome to CTPS. We are paranormal investigators based in Waco, TX. We investigate claims from DallasFort Worth to San Antonio, TX. We work to find explanations for the unexplained occurences within a home or business; not all are paranormal in origin.