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The name Spitalfields was derived from St Mary's Spital (Hospital) which was founded in 1197. Recent excavations have uncovered the Charnel House, which can be seen in Bishop's Square. Many centuries before the hospital, the Romans used part of the area as a burial ground, and a decorated lead coffin found here is on display in the Museum of London.Spitalfields, St. Mary, Church Passage, Spital Square [1854 now gone. 1911 parish united to previous. see SAINT MARY, SPITAL SQUARE, SPITAL SQUARE, NORTON FOLGATE, STEPNEY, TOWER HAMLETS for registers at LMA Spitalfields, St. Stephen, Commercial Street [1858 now gone. 1911 parish united to previous st mary spital square

Spital Square. Spital Square was the nucleus of the St. John and Tillard estate; the Square formed a cruciform layout, but the whole of the eastern arm and much of the northern and western arms were demolished in the 1920's and 1930's.

The Spital Square site, previously referred to as St Mary Spital (Thomas et al. 1997) is situated on the northern side of Folgate Street in North East London. It was home to the Augustinian priory and hospital of St Mary Spital, of which it was one of the largest in Medieval England. Spitalfields takes its name from the hospital and priory, St. Marys Spittel that was founded in 1197. Lying in the heart of the East End, it is an area known for its spirit and strong sense of mary spital square Church of England, St Mary's Parish, Stepney. Physical description: 42 documents Immediate source of acquisition: Records (P93MRY2124) of St. Mary, Spital Square (otherwise Norton Folgate, and old Artillery Ground), Stepney, Sir George Whelers Chapel until 1842.

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Aug 12, 2018 The grounds of St Mary Spital are located on the fringes of medieval London in an area referred to as The spitel Fyeld on the Civitas Londinium, or Agas, map, now known as Spitalfields. The most significant part of the site was the infirmary. st mary spital square The land belonged to St Mary Spital, a priory or hospital (a lodging for travellers run by a religious order) erected on the east side of the Bishopsgate thoroughfare in 1197, from which its name is thought to derive. Bishops Square, Spitalfields, west end of the exchange. William Coppendale, his son William, then his son John up to abou 1792. They were Oilmen, Salters, Sold Dye and eventually groceries before John and his step father James Buckley had business problems. They rented warehouses in the streets there. John was baptised in St Mary, Spital Square in 1762. His family were buried at St Boltophs. Mar 15, 2015 If anyone is up for a challenge, I've been trying, and failing, to find an image for St Mary's church, Church Passage, Spital Square, Spitalfields. It was originally Sir George Wheeler's Chapel but was consecrated as a C of E church in 1842 and closed in 1911. CHAPTER II The Priory of St. Mary Spital. Street), and 117 ells on the east side fronting Lolesworth field (which formed the greater part of the later hamlet of Spitalfields), and 162 ells in depth west to east, In 1909 during the rebuilding of No. 38 Spital Square, situated on the east side of Spital Yard and the south side of the