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2020-03-30 20:50

Enjoy a unique approach to event space at The Trafalgar St. James London. An enviable location in the heart of London is just the start our hotel has the versatile and luxurious venues that will wow every guest. We offer ROOM a glass box with space for a meeting, lunch or dinner for 16, offering spectacular views over Trafalgar SquareWeekly Events. Trafalgar Square. Trafalgar Square, at the heart of London, is one of the citys most vibrant open spaces. Home to Nelsons Column, the square is rich in history and provides a platform for new artistic performances and events visit their events pages to find out what's on. trafalgar square events

Trafalgar Square is a public square that features some of Londons top attractions, from galleries and historic buildings to statues and monuments. It also plays host to a range of events throughout the year that are supported by the Greater London Authority, who manage the square.

And the St Patrick's Day Festival held in Trafalgar Square from 126pm promises to be the pinnacle event in London's cultural calendar , showcasing Irish performance and culture. Join us at Trafalgar Square to celebrate St George's Day with live music, food and free fun for all ages.trafalgar square events A Love to Talk Travel Event is an opportunity for travel agents and guests to learn more about how Trafalgar offers the best vacation experiences! From the iconic to the unexpected, Trafalgar connects you to the local soul of the destination like no other.

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Trafalgar Sq, London Entertainment Festivals. Trafalgar Square is full of others regular annual events and off special occasions. According to the different months people celebrate their festivals. It is a free event in Trafalgar Square offering a wonderful taste of Russian traditional and contemporary music and entertainment. trafalgar square events Get a taste of some of London's leading musicals and exciting new shows at West End LIVE in Trafalgar Square. Check back closer to the time for confirmed dates and acts for the 2019 event. Website Prices. Event FREE Venue Details Map Trafalgar Square An event that should be dubbed The No Penny Opera get a fix of high culture without spending anything in Trafalgar Square. Crowds can gather for screened performances of live opera and ballet from the Royal Opera House as dusk falls over central London. Users say ( 9 ) Trafalgar Square with its gargantuan, 52metrehigh Nelsons Column is one of Londons most iconic public spaces and perhaps the most ostentatious reminder of the nations former imperial might, commemorating Britains triumph in the Napoleonic Wars. It was once notorious for its large pigeon population, but like Louis XIV, It is the centre of London's bus network, and an essential stage on many a Night Bus trip home. In all these ways, Trafalgar Square has retained its status as the heart of London, and one of every Londoner's most treasured spots.