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Dec 19, 2012  I just purchased a PPI Art 4200AM in MINT condition which im going to be using to power some mb quart qline components 6. 5 My question issince this amp DOESNT have a built in crossover am I going to need one or should its full range capabilities be good enough to( lude86 ) I currently am running two 12 round cone Kicker subs and looking into upgrading my subs and have noticed that Kicker make square subs and was curious if they perform any better than the traditional round cones? Can anyone shed some light on this, would be greatly appreciated. Cheers on May 25 2006, 11: 03 AM within the Help& Advice category. square subs or round

Square Subwoofers vs. Round Subwoofers. Which are better, square subwoofers or round subwoofers? If youve been around car audio for even a couple of months, youve probably at least heard the debate about which is better.

Square vs Round Subwoofers Both shapes have unique benefits contingent on your car audio needs. 2. Surface Area and Volume A square subwoofer has a greater surface area which means the square woofer will be able to drive more air from the cone projecting a louder sound. 3. Power Efficiency Yeah I have a little 12 350W sub, It would be nothing without the enclosure. I think acoustics have a big effect on things. But thanks for giving me your opinions, I do agree that the only significant difference is appearance. I think the square ones look kinda neat, but I am going to stick to the round subs.square subs or round Dec 05, 2010 depends which round and square subs your reffereing too. an L7 will sound better then a sony xplod. but a Digital Designs will blow a L7 out the water. it really doesnt matter unless i know what subs ur talking about. Anonymous 8 years ago. 0. Thumbs up. 0. Thumbs down.

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Square Subwoofers vs. Round Subwoofers. Staff Writer July 23, 2009 News on the Car Audio Industry. If you have ever shopped for car subwoofers, you might have noticed that most are round while some are designed with a square shape. What is the difference between round car subwoofers and square car subwoofers? square subs or round With circular subwoofers that provide linear cone movement along with stability, and square subwoofers that deliver 20 more surface area than the circular sub, Kicker provides you with an array of options so you can find the perfect fit for the sound you are looking for. Subwoofer Types: Round, Square, and Octagon Subwoofers. With so many choices to choose from when picking subwoofers, where to start? Subs come in every shape, size, and specification. Besides the obvious differences in terms of diameter subwoofers are available in a large variety of shapes besides the classic round. A square sub of the same size as its round counterpart can produce a greater volume and spl (sound pressure level). If you are trying to make the most of limited space then a square sub will allow you to crank up the volume much more easily with smaller subs. Aug 10, 2007 Square cones add more Sd, or cone area, while others have more xmax. Bot add to SPL, given the proper power, voltage and install. While all woofers will have presure points to one extreme, you see cone flex on even round subs in certain installs. The L5's dominated the USACi Stock classes, soem L5 12's with 6000 watts on each.