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Ambleside Primary School Calculations Policy Introduction The school policy for Calculations was developed primarily by the Aspect Manager for Mathematics and Deputy Head and agreed by the whole staff. It has the full agreement of the Governing Body. The policy was approved and ratified by the Governing Body during the Summer Term 2010.Ambleside Primary School of Kensington March 5 at 3: 26 AM Let a child have the meat he requires in his history readings, and in the litereature which naturally gathers around this history, and imagination will bestir itself without any help of ours; the child will live out in detail a thousand scenes of which he only getsthe merest hint ambleside primary 100 square

Counter Square This interactive 100 grid has a variety of openended uses. Users can make as many counters as they choose from among three different kinds, and then drag them onto the grid, allowing any number to be covered by up to 3 different markers at one time.

You can choose to practise number bonds to 5, 10 or 100. The machine gives you one number and you have to type in the number you would need to add to it to make 5, 10 or 100. Click the button to check your answer and see how high your score can go. Ambleside Primary. Ambleside Church of England Primary School. 239 likes. Information and news about our wonderful schoolambleside primary 100 square The Super Sequencer This applet counts according to the starting number, the increment of change, and the speed selected by the user. It can be used flexibly by students or by the teacher as part of a lesson.

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Counter Square. Ambleside Primary Hundred Square. Place Value Hundred Square. Place Value. Numberlines. Mark Robinson. Guess the Number. Ambleside Primary School. Number Games. BBC Schools. Addition Facts. ambleside primary 100 square Maths Frame KS2 Games and Resources Maths Puzzles Matific (Math Activities for K6) Nasa Kids Club Novel Games Number Games (at BBC) Pauly's Playhouse PBS Kids Games PBS Kids Cyberchase Games Planet Arcade (at NOAA) Poisson Rouge Primary Games Arena Primary Games. co. uk Maths Games Primary Interactive Puzzle Games Puzzle Monster 100 Confidentiality Guaranteed. Your personal information is safe and secure, no one will ever know that you have your papers written for you. Interactive 100 square used for examining number facts and series up to 100 Square Hunt 11 ICT Games Click the number on the 100 square that is 11 less than the target number 100 Table square activities: COUNTER SQUARE Don't bother with an OHP. Support your Numeracy Hour with this useful tool. Try the Four in a Row game! SCRIBBLE SQUARE 100 square that can be drawn on and annotated onscreen. . SCRIBBLE TABLES SQUARE Times Table version.