300 lb alligator gar in texas

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With a rod and reel I started guiding alligator gar fishing in 1999. I have caught alligator gar from Mexico to the Mississippi river and all parts in between. As you can see on my website I have caught the largest gar ever by rod and reel a 365 lb alligator gar in 1991. This fish was 9 ft 6 in long. I have caught 6 fish over 300 lbs, and catch from 1 to 6 fish over 200 lbs each year.Aug 12, 2016  A massive 300pound alligator was removed from a garage in Texas this week. The reptile which was 8 feet, 9 inches long was discovered 300 lb alligator gar in texas

They measure in between eight and ten feet and larger specimen can tip the scales between 250 and 300 lbs. Joseph Williams out of Cleveland, Texas hauled in a monster Alligator Gar in midApril. Using a rod and reel, Williams brought in the 230 lb (unofficial), 7foot 9inch creature.

re: Texas Man Catches 300 lb Alligator Gar Posted by TigersSEC2010 on at 4: 41 pm to Haydo These bastards are everywhere down around Leesville and Grand Isle. Hell, one half the size of our 24 foot bay boat pushed our fricking boat away last week when we were fishing in the marsh. Alligator gar are also vital to the ecosystems that they inhabit, and are now found in many federal hatcheries. However, nowhere is the alligator gar more ripe for fishing than in Texas.300 lb alligator gar in texas Jan 04, 2003 The line went taut and the fish yanked the fisherman into the water headfirst. That's when Crawford's dog, Bleux, grabbed him by the cuff of the jeans, creating a bizarre riverbank tugofwar.

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Sport fish. The Texas state record, and world record for the largest alligator gar caught on rod and reel, is 279 lb (127 kg), taken by Bill Valverde on January 1, 1951, on the Rio Grande in Texas. Alligator gar are also quite popular among bowfishers because of their large size, trophy potential, and fighting ability. 300 lb alligator gar in texas Texan Bow Fisher Reels In 300 Pound Alligator Gar. He calls it a big mistake as the fish would have easily broken the Texas state record for bowfishing an alligator gar. The record currently stands at 290 pounds, while the anytackle state record is 302 pounds caught in On Memorial Day, a single homemade arrow fired from a decades old 45pound recurve bow took down what is undoubtedly one of the largest alligator gar on record. I talked to Brent Crawford, the bowfisherman pictured here, to get the full story behind a gar that could have gone over 400 pounds and easily broken the Texas state record.