Texas petition to leave the union

2020-02-29 11:58

The Texas petition assails the federal government's neglect to reform domestic and foreign spending, arguing that it is practically feasible for Texas to withdraw from the union, and to do soYou might have heard stories this past week about states that are petitioning the President for permission to secede from The Union. The Union, being The United States of America. But this actually is just sloppy reporting by the main stream media. First of all, what are being filed are petitions on the White Houses website by groups of citizens. texas petition to leave the union

The petition stated that secession would protect the original ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers which are no longer being reflected by the federal government and defend Texans from blatant abuses to their rights The Texas secession petition was followed by one allowing Austin to secede from Texas and stay part of the union.

Texas petition to leave the United States gets 60, 000 signatures Texas is the only state of the union that can secede voluntarily, some supporters of independence believe. Craig Balnis started this petition to The Federal Government of the United States Craig Balnis needs your help with The Federal Government of the United States: To Expel Texas from the Union giving them back to Mexico. . Join Craig and 5 supporters todaytexas petition to leave the union A petition for Texas to secede from the union, submitted to the White House, reached the number of signatures needed to draw comment from the Obama administration today.

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This petition is an official request to the state of Texas to leave our (United States of America's) union. If successful, all federal monies should be withdrawn from Texas and Texas should become an independent country. Alternatively, Texas can be given back to Mexico. texas petition to leave the union The United States Constitution on Secession. Despite how horrific Obamas reelection is to those people who are demanding their state secede from the U. S. , this is not the first time states have tried to secede. Texas attempted to leave the union just prior to the Civil War. And as keen observers will note, Texas is still one of the United States of America. States Dont Need To Petition To Leave The Union. if we just leave The Union, we can continue to treat blacks like property. Texas declares slavery as a cause over twenty times. Secession: Texas leaves the Union. A fter the election of Abraham Lincoln in November 1860, events moved swiftly toward secession. South Carolina was the first state to secede from the Union on December 20. Other states in the old south quickly followed suit, Nov 14, 2012 There were eventually secession petitions set up for all fifty states, with six (Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia and Texas) reaching the 25, 000 threshold. The Texas secession epetition ultimately received the most esignatures, almost 126, 000.